Old movies, I totally adore.

Nowadays when people think of a good movie, they are always mostly thinking about the recent ones and I am not saying they are not awesome and fantastic. But it’s always good to go back on the years and watch movies you have watched and love, but probably forgotten about  Furthermore for the likes of me who were born in 1996, go even further back before that year and look for movies that would suit your taste and they are pretty awesome.

Raising Helen

Raising Helen
Raising Helen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have the beautiful Kate Hudson, and then young Hayden Panettiere and Spencer and Abigail Breslin. In this beautiful movie after her sister and brother-in-law die in a car accident, a young woman Helen Harris (Kate Hudson) becomes the guardian of their three children, it like the name implies makes her grow and look a life more seriously and of course there is always the Mr. Right (Who is a pastor) It’s good for an evening off.


Say Anything…

Movie Image

Set in Seattle, Washington, the film features Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack), an average student and aspiring kick-boxer, who attempts a relationship with the lovely valedictorian Diane Court (Ione Skye) immediately after their graduation from the same high school.Diane is intrigued by Lloyd’s so agrees to Lloyd’s request for a date, and the two of them begin seeing each other regularly. But with a disapproving father on her back to break up with him and other stunning story events… it’s totally must see and it was released back in April 14, 1989



I loved this movie and was always watching it when I was little, like I just remembered it and it’s about a mermaid and a young Tom Hanks, that didn’t look so ugly and awkward then. It was awesome and its not bad to take a look at what your parents were watching then in 1984.


 Breakfast at Tiffany’s


I adore this movie and it is the oldest I post today. It came out in 1961 and will forever remain a classic and funny movie to me. It’s entails the beautiful Audrey Hepburn portraying a young lady with so much charisma it’s totally enchanting and wonderfully lovely, you should watch it if you haven’t.


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