Social Media Series by J.A. Huss


First thing I did was to check if @FilthyBlueBird and @VaughnAsher are real twitter accounts and sweet baby Jesus they are. It was so fun going through the tweets, I had as much fun going through the accounts, as I had reading the tweets in the books.

@FilthyBlueBird is no other than Grace Kinsella (I can bet I wasn’t only one who thought Sophie Kinsella) our female protagonist and @VaughnAsher is himself, the self-entitled big blockbuster movie star. Grace is his biggest fan and he is everything she desires, and the muse of all her fantasies, hence all her dirty and naughty #Hashtag tweets to him, which would make a porn star blush.

Fantasy and reality clash, when Grace ends up on the same island with Vaughn and he is more than interested in making her fantasy reality, but now he is #TheDickWhoIsVaughnAsher and he won’t settle for any less until she submits #YouAreMine and I won’t let you forget it.

But there’s more beneath the surface of the easy charm that is a wonderful story.


This series involve six books that are mini novellas and each end leaves you wanting to know more and speeding into the next book. It’s more than a simple love story between typical movie star and normal being, it has all the right twist and surprises that keeps you reading and anticipating what’s going to be revealed.


I read Three, Two, One before reading this series, so I kind of knew what kind of mystery the story would entail, but even though I didn’t really know what to expect. I mean I saw some things coming, but it’s because I’m always trying to guess what the author is trying to do, but I was in a haze the thirsty for the missing information, so JA Huss is good and can keep you in good suspense.

Female Protagonist

Grace is a sweetheart, she’s funny and easy going. She has a confidence that you did envision yourself having, she isn’t shy and speaks her mind and you definitely wouldn’t think she had a rough start at the beginning of her life. I totally love her, although there was a moment I was kind of annoyed with her, but I guess it somewhat understandable. She’s one of the strongest character’s I’ve read about this year and I am happy I picked up the series to read.

Male Protagonist

Vaughn is just a case to reckon with, he is a self-centred and egoistic player who has had life easy from the moment he was born and I totally love him, despite he’s shortcomings. He does what he wants without a care for the consequences. I love how committed he is and how his character plays up from the beginning of the story, it shows how compatible both he and Grace are together and despite how heartless he seems, he still has the biggest of hearts.

5-starsI was hooked from the moment I opened Follow, till I got to the last page of Home. I mean, I didn’t sleep until I was done with Grace and Vaughn story. I love how the story is both in Grace and Vaughn POV and how everything played out till the very end, even the crazy moments, I especially love the last book Home, because it shows and opens Vaughn in new and the best light ever.

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