List of TV Series I watch

I don’t know about you but every year, my list of TV shows grows and I lose some, like The Originals and Vampire Diaries, quite frankly I don’t see the point to Vampire Diaries anymore. Pretty little liars was the first show I started watching and showed me the way of dedicating to a TV series, and it is starting to annoy me now also after six good years of watching and following the show, probably because of the big change I’m getting accustomed to in the show sigh, anyways what I am watching or watched and I am only done with Revenge in the finished pile.

  1. Pretty Little Liars
  2. Revenge – Finished
  3. Empire
  4. The 100
  5. How to Get Away With Murder
  6. Elementary
  7. Jane the Virgin
  8. The Flash
  9. House of Cards
  10. The Fosters
  11. Blackish
  12. Stalker – Finished
  13. Hit The Floor
  14. Game of Thrones
  15. Single Ladies
  16. Orange is the New Black
  17. Community
  18. American Horror Story
  19. Marvel’s Agent of Shield
  20. American Odyssey
  21. Arrow
  22. Gotham
  23. iZombie
  24. Zoo
  25. Being Mary Jane
  26. Scream
  27. CSI Cyber
  28. Hannibal
  29. Devious Maids
  30. Madam Secretary
  31. The Brink
  32. Ballers
  33. Teen Wolf
  34. K.C. Undercover
  35. Marvel’s Daredevil
  36. Sense8
  37. The Whispers
  38. Friends – Finished 
  39. 12 Monkeys
  40. Humans
  41. Scream Queens
  42. Minority Report
  43. Lucifer
  44. Beowulf Return To The Shieldlands
  45. The Magicians
  46. Younger
  47. Fresh Off The Boat
  48. Telenovela
  49. Life in Pieces
  50. Grandfathered
  51. Power
  52. Code Black
  53. Blood &Oil
  54. Limitless
  55. Agent X
  56. Blindspot
  57. Charmed – Finished
  58. Daria – Finished
  59. Full House – Finished
  60. Rosewood
  61. Mistresses
  62. American Crime Story
  63. Orphan Black
  64. Quantico
  65. Marvel’s Jessica Jones
  66. Marvel’s Luke Cage
  67. D.C’s Legends of Tomorrow
  68. Guilt
  69. Supergirl
  70. Fuller House
  71. Dark Matter

3 thoughts on “List of TV Series I watch

  1. Criminal minds and Rizzoil and isles are fantastic. Criminal minds is on its 12th series and Rizzoil and isles has just finished and it had 7 series. Also body of proof, it had 3 series.

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    1. They are so long, I wouldn’t be able to watch it, cause i already have so much I’m watching and some aren’t even on this list. But I have friends who love Criminal Isles.


      1. it’s a fab show if you ever wanted to find a new show. it’s a long series but would go so fast cos it’s amazing. criminal minds is fab too

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