The Deal by Elle Kennedy

the deal

The Deal by Elle Kennedy

When I read the synopsis for The Deal, I was like this is going to be another Beautiful Disaster & One Tiny Lie kind of read, I’m not hating on the books because I totally enjoyed them, I actually loved them because despite their many similarities they also had different story-lines and surprises. But this isn’t about those stories. This is about The Deal and I am so thankful I read it! Lately I’ve read books that haven’t been fully satisfying, you know the story is great, but it isn’t really what you expected. Hannah and Garret make me laugh, I love their relationship as much as I breathe air and if you give this college young adult love story a chance you’ll enjoy it just as much as I did.


I love how Elle put everything out there and how she handled all the curve-balls both Hannah and Garret faced in their lives (I’m writing a review not a spoiler) I love two of them period. The whole story is well put together, the writing style is spectacular and the easy flow is amazing. The friends, the scenes, the good and bad bits are all worth it… especially the wtf moments, which had me laughing along with Garret.


Yes, it was predictable, but it has to be… the answer is in the blurb. But truly I didn’t really know what to expect, I was expecting more complications, but I was served with little and that makes me one hell of a happy reader, especially when I don’t get frustrated with any of the protagonists of the story. I was happy gobbling up the story from the moment i openned the first page, that’s why I am writing a long review, because it’s absolutely perfect.

Female Protagonist

I love her. Hannah is everything I aspire to be in my life when it comes to her character and how she deals with life, she is a role model to people out there and people need to hear about Hannah Wells (Yes! She’s fictional, but believe me many people go through what she has gone through) Can I say anymore, she is just imperfectly perfect.

Male Protagonist

Garret is the most lovable jackass in the history of meat-heads. He’s so sensible and clear headed, it’s impossible to not see the attraction. I love how he doesn’t settle for less than he deserves and doesn’t take bullshit from anyone, not even Hannah. I think he went a little overboard but, I’m like okay cool, I’ll let it slide Graham… I understand why you totally did it and he’s after all a man, and they all have big egos.


Five Dealicious Stars.

What more can I say that I haven’t said… Oh the next book in the Off-Campus Series is The Mistake and I will read it one of this days, I bet it’s going to be about one of Hannah and Garret’s friends (which means more insight on Hannah and Garret’s life) and okay, I know it’s about Logan, Garret’s best-friend… I want to say more but spoilers, so shutting my mouth.

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    1. I’m feeling like a dummy cause I don’t know what bibliophiles means, but checking my dictionary after this and sure I’ll check out your blog and you should really read this book 🙂


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