The reviewers that be like…

Oh lord.

I am so mad on behalf of all authors who write fiction all over the world. God why do a lot of human beings write so insensitively, when writing a review? I mean I get there are cases in which things deserve a bad review… but why does it have to be a brutal let down? I have read so many book reviews that leave me very angry, even if I don’t like a book and I review it, I won’t ever get nasty and mean, because well the receiver is a human being.

Fiction is the telling of stories which are not real. More specifically, fiction is an imaginative form of narrative, one of the four basic rhetorical modes.

So why for the love of God have I read a bazillion times “This story isn’t even realistic!” Yes most stories have real-life situations, but in the end they are just fiction, an atom of the authors imagination. It isn’t your world, it is a world the author created.

Authors have the right to twist anything to go with their stories, we may not like it, but can people not insult them for that? It’s called Fiction for a reason.

Sad fact is that most of this reviewers don’t even use their money to buy the books, you can’t blame an author for picking up his or her book to read, that’s on you, your choice.

What I am trying to achieve with this post is, reviewers should think of themselves in a situation where they are being criticized and the critics are tearing of your body parts one by one, with no show of mercy… how would you feel and react afterwards?

Be wise, authors are also humans.




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