Another Dead Lesbian

I just finished watching last week episode of The 100 S03E07 “Thirteen” yes spoiler alert all through and I am as mad as anything because Lexa our known lesbian and overall leader, the commander of grounders is dead, right after She and Clarke finally gave in to their chemistry, like immediately after she is killed off “Ha ha, joke! Did you think Clarke gets to be happy? No everyone she loves has to die! Ha ha ha.” It seems the writers of the show are just playing with our emotions and don’t care for the consequences. I decided to find angry criers as myself, about this unfortunate plight on the internet and stumbled across this tumblr site anotherdeadlesbian and it brought light upon something that has been occurring lately in our favorite tv shows.


It’s even stranger because I just happened to finally finish watching Season 3 of Orphan Black yesterday and you know Dlephine may actually be dead, since she got shot and Cosima is the only dying Sestra Clone since Kat Ja got murdered and guess who are in love? Dlephine and Cosima the lesbians.

There is a sequence going on here, and I’m like okay maybe it’s not that bad and I’m like think of another show and of course Pretty Little Liars comes to my mind and I noticed something unusual and something that completely relates to this Lesbian Killing Syndrome in TV shows.  

Maya Anne St. Germain from Pretty Little Liars. She is Emily’s first girlfriend and the person who made Emily realize she is a lesbian. Maya was the first and is the only romantic partner of a Little Liar to truly die, and who killed her? Her scorned ex stalker-boyfriend who was mad she choose Emily over him. But the significant thing here is, she has been the only real death of a significant other and she just happens to be a lesbian.

Emily is the only Pretty Little Liar on the show whose partners cease to exist, Paige for example had to leave, killing their relationship all together. Alison was using her to play games and playing with her emotions for her and finally Sara Harvey was just a fraud and a mole from the beginning, pretending to have feelings for her, while ultimately planning Emily’s demise.

Shana Fring is another character in Pretty Little Liars that is dead and ultimately is a known lesbian, who due to bad circumstances had to die, it’s amazing how the lesbians on the show have one of the worst luck and higher chances of death than the other heterosexual characters.

I think the writers of these shows are using lesbians to get more coverage, cause hardly good things come about to them. How to Get Away With Murder is becoming a cliché, because I find the putting in of a lesbian twist from Annalise angle was very and highly uncessary especially with last week episode S02E13 where she screams “I’m not gay.” But then again Annalise is a very tough character.

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