Seraph, Our Little Angel

What happens, when you give all your heart, soul, life and being to your one and only and right before you it gets thrown back into your face, and all you ever had was tossed away like it never had meant anything at all, your life comes crashing down around you and when you have given up, Hope comes and gives you a second chance at life and everything your heart and soul desires. Would you say no?

Title – Seraph, Our Little Angel

Fan Fiction – Harry Potter

Genre – Romance

Type – Dramione

Pairing – Hermione Granger/ Draco Malfoy

Era – Post Hogwart


‘Mum, I’m really sorry.’

‘Why are you sorry Seraph?’

‘For all the bad and naughty things I have done when you told me not to do them.’

‘You are forgiven…but that is not all you have to say right?’


‘Gosh…Seraph get it done with already!’

‘Since I’ve been forgiven can’t we continue to live here?’

‘No Seraph, it’s time for us to go home…to our real home.’

‘This is my real home mum. I have known no other place but here.’

‘That’s why I’m taking us home to our family.’

‘Why do you want to leave Italy and our little beach house? I can’t imagine anywhere more beautiful than Italy mum.’

‘You used to nag me about grandma and pa, your aunts and uncles. What is all the fuss for now?’

‘I’m not sure they will accept me.’

‘They will, there’s nobody that wouldn’t accept you. Now stop worrying about things you shouldn’t has a little girl.’

‘It’s both you and my father’s fault for being the brightest students of your generation.’

‘It’s scares me sometimes, how when I’m conversing with you I forget you are a mere little girl that is not close to being eight.’

‘Mum you’re really exasperating.’

Hermione laughed out loud making the little minx smile, she ruffled her daughter’s hair to tease her some more, Seraph big bright green eyes and beautiful angelic face looked reproving at her, while she patted her gorgeous golden blonde hair back down.

‘Seraph, it’s time for us to leave. Say your final goodbye to this place.’

She looked wistfully at the now empty room, visualizing a mental image of the house when it was filled with life and all their things, a pang of sadness washed over her, but she knew it was time to say goodbye. Placing her hand in her mother’s, she looked up at her and then smiled at her, as Hermione apparated them home.

Hermione’s heart fluttered as she walked down the streets of Diagon Alley, how many years had it been since she was last here or in London, she noticed people staring and looking back at her, but paid no heed or acted like she noticed, she was heading for Grinotts to visit her vault before going to meet her parents and introduce them to their grandchild.

Seraph had been quiet for a while now, grasping Hermione’s hand, she was looking about the street taking every unusual thing she saw into her brain and soul gleefully, it was after-all her first time in a real magical surrounding, maybe she was overwhelmed, because she knew when Seraph got over her shock, she would bombard her with questions. When Hermione glanced down at her, she always looked dazed and amazed, making no sound at all, until they stopped in front of Grinotts, Hermione felt Seraph tugging on her hand so she looked down at her.

‘What is this building and those ugly creatures?’

‘I thought the cat had gotten your tongue? This is Grinotts, the wizarding bank and those tedious creatures are goblins.’

‘Mum they don’t seem to be looking nicely at us or liking us one bit. They so aren’t friendly.’

‘My best friends and I, Ron and Harry broke into the unbreakable, thievery free and legendary Grinotts, we successfully robbed one of their most valued and highly protected vault and got away, with a dragon that was meant to kill us… a legend.’

‘You robbed a bank. Yet I get punished for doing unbelievable things.’

‘Unbelievable things for selfish and naughty reasons…mine was for good purpose and I was robbing the bad guys. Let’s go inside before they think we are plotting something.’

Hermione’s vault had just about enough money to start a new life for her and Seraph, but it wasn’t solely because of money she was visiting her vault, she needed to get a small green silk pouch with silver strands and threads sealing it, Seraph had started asking her questions all the way down to the vault and back up, that Hermione grew tired of answering, which is quite unbelievable.

‘Mum I’m hungry and cold.’

Hermione hugged Seraph to her body trying to make her feel a little less of cold and get some warmth, Hermione decided that they should go into the muggle world and buy themselves hot-dogs at a hot-dog stand she knew was close by. They walked back to the leaky cauldron bickering away in Italian, Hermione was telling her stories of her childhood.

Still people who passed them took several glances back at them, recognizing Hermione but not placing how or why they knew her, it was confusing because they didn’t remember the person being Italian, also didn’t have a child or a breath-taking beauty, because the person reminded them of their lost war heroine.

When they were done eating, Hermione apparated them to the front door of their new home, she looked down at Seraph and explained to her.

‘Littlest Granger! Welcome to the Granger Mansion.’

‘A mansion? Equivalent to a castle. You can afford one?’

‘What’s that supposed to mean? Yes a mansion, we are going to be living with grandma and grandpa.’

‘How will you explain me to them?’

Hermione sighed and knelt down, in order to be the same height as Seraph, their green eyes shining as they looked into one and another, Seraph was far too intelligent for her own good or age, having a mixture of both her mother and father’s brain was a definite that she would be more than intelligent and her magical heritage made her intelligence highly enhanced, of course magical heritage from her father’s side.

‘We’ll both explain it. You know nothing can separate us. Me and you always. I left before anyone could ever find out about you, but I know I’m ready to face the consequences. I promise you, everything will be alright.’

‘I’m really scared Mimi.’

‘I understand Maddie, let’s brace ourselves then.’

Hermione hugged her and stood up, taking hold of her daughter’s hand  again, she used her free hand to knock on the door, both their hearts beating fast.

Hermione’s parent were expecting her, she already sent a message informing them about her return, plus she had needed to explain the moving boxes that kept magically appearing, her parents were yet to see her and were both anxious.

She heard the clicking sound of heels on tiled floor approaching the door from within, slowly the door opened and she was face to face with her mother and tears of joy fell from their eyes, before her mother moved to embrace her.

Emma finally noticed the little girl whose hand Hermione was clutching extremely tight and looked back into the eyes of her daughter with her own questioning eyes.

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