Roy Tha Pup

I love dogs. I am a total dog person, I like cats also but today I realized that dogs are truly my loves, more than any other domestic pet or animal. All breeds and sizes of dogs capture my instant attention (even the ones I’m afraid of) when I see a dog I immediately melt, I get all swooning and melt on the inside.

Today, my cousin brought over her dog Cattaleya, cause she is in heat to stay with us for a week, in order for her and my dog Benz, to get their groove on, mate and have babies. I really hope she gets pregnant, so I can hold my baby’s babies *grabs tissue*

The real reason I’m writing this post is, my cousin also brought along the cutest ever little pup I’ve set my eyes on since Diana (deceased) was a pup herself. I instantly bonded with him, and he is so adorable, I wanted him to stay also. My cousin trades dogs and we took the dogs Benz and Cattaleya for a walk. I couldn’t leave little Roy behind, so I carried the warm fur-ball and we all went to the park, not knowing in some few short minutes, Roy’s future owner would walk by, take one look at him, fall in love and make sure she got ownership right immediately.

I’m so glad I got to meet him, because he was the calmest and gentlest little pup, I had met since Diana, may her soul rest in peace.

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