Deathsworn Arc: The Last Dragon Slayer (Book 1) by Martyn Stanley

Author Martyn Stanley Book The Last Dragon Slayer Series Deathsworn Arc


I was provided a copy of this book by the author, in exchange for an honest review

I am on a road leading to discover new genres and broaden my reading horizon, so upon coming across the blurb which is quite interesting, it prompted me to give a book, I never would have never decidedly picked for myself to read a try.

A summary of the story is Saul Karza a wizard that serves Empress Jade, who seems to be a very powerful person in the mass of land that is Torea. Has to acquire an army in order to defeat a Draconis Nobilus (a noble dragon) which leads to encountering and recruiting an eccentric mix of beings to help accomplish the quest.

The concept of the story is very strong and could make for a very rewarding read, but instead I found myself reading more about the journey to the defeating of the dragon, which was filled with a very boring and somewhat unnecessary plot.

The relationship between the seven main characters did not quite develop, it was poorly portrayed even if the idea is meant for them to be aloof towards each other and promote a sense of mystery, it only gave me the impression that Martyn tried to hard to portray this and ended up making moments such as Brael and Vashni interactions forced and moments between Vashni and Korhan outrageous relationship also didn’t feel 100% genuine as the emotions it was meant to invoke from me didn’t surface and I only felt frustrated and annoyed, I didn’t connect with the story on an emotional level at all.

The most disappoint part of the book, in my opinion is when they face the dragon, it didn’t meet to half of my expectations. It looked like Martyn was tired of writing, wanting to reach the end goal of slaying the dragon and getting on to the next aspect of the story, which wasn’t introduced as nicely as it should have.

The idea of the story is A class but the conceptualization of the idea was poorly executed and makes the whole story a bit lacking.


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