Songs On Repeat

Hello, I have new songs on repeat again (J come check this out) and you should definitely check out J’s blog, especially the music category.

I love music, it gets me through so many long days. In no particular order, my current top ten songs on repeat.

Somewhere in Paradise – Chance The Rapper ft. Jeremih, I grew to know about Chance because of Justin Bieber, back at the end 2013. He was featured on the track Confident in the Justin’s album Journals, quite the hit back then. So of course he’s been on my radar and I just love Chance voice.

CRZY – Kehlani, I love Kehlani’s voice and I’m still a fan despite all the drama that occurred months ago, even if Chris doesn’t like her :). CRZY is very awesome.

Distraction – Kehlani, song number 2 drop of the week, she released both songs in the last week and I love both of them to distraction lol.

Gold (Hippie Sabotage Remix) – Kiiara, I’ve been listening to this song since last year and I swear I am not tired of it, and this remix is better than the original song, not that the original track isn’t great, but this just makes it more outstanding. I love Kiiara’s voice.

Wild – Troye Sivan ft. Alessia Cara, This is current my favorite song. I love it so much, it moves my heart and everything and it makes me want to be in love, I’m an emotional mess. I am writing this list with Wild on repeat. Troye Sivan is on my bucket list, I must meet him, he’s someone I would love to be friends with desperately. The video is so hawt.


wHo – ZAYN, Have you watched Ghostbusters? It was quite the fun experience watching the movie. Yes I got the original motion picture soundtrack, it has a lot of good songs on it, I swear. Anyways, wHo is such a catchy song, that immediately had me singing along to it.

Scars To Your Beautiful – Alessia Cara, this song is so beautiful and I love Alessia so much, she’s so adorable, fun and real. She’s just really that cool and you should listen to the beautiful words this song preaches, the official video for it, is even more precious.


No Problem – Chance The Rapper ft. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz, I got Coloring Book, as soon as it came out, I didn’t wait. I of course immediately feel in love with the track Juke Jam, hence the name of my blog, the song features Justin Bieber 🙂 I love singing No Problem and a couple of other songs, but I find myself specifically looking for it in my music list, so I can listen to it, so it made it’s way unto this list.

Throwback – Ricardo Parker ft. Eric Bellinger, I didn’t even know I was loving the this track, I thought it went by a different name, i just know it kept coming up on my shuffle and I was loving it, not pressing the next button, and so I finally saw the name and I can now find it whenever I need to listen to it.

Hop On – Angel ft. Stefflon Don, I was randomly going through YouTube when I came across the video for this song, and I immediately connect with the beat and the rest is history.



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