Typical Gender Stereotypes

I have been meaning to write about this for awhile now, why was I thinking about this, aside from the obvious? I was walking home, when a guy who has been pestering to be “friends” with me, comes back on his quest on getting my number or any social media platform. This wasn’t the first, second or third time I had turned him down and told him no flatly. Fed up I picked one I know he clearly didn’t have, snapchat and he goes ahead to say “Snapchat isn’t manly and is for girls.”

I was left astonished I couldn’t even speak after he said that,he noticed I was quiet and the last thing I said to him before I finally ditched his stalking butt was “What you just said is wrong on so many levels.”

I’m still reeling in shock from the encounter and I come on here, to read posts by my following and I see Breaking Gender Stereotypes by Sheila  and I knew I had to write about this.

Gender stereotypes are simplistic generalizations about the gender attributes, differences, and roles of individuals and/or groups. Stereotypes can be positive or negative, (leaning more on the negative side) rarely communicating accurate information about others. When someone immediately applies gender assumptions to others despite the evidence, they are gender stereotyping.

This are examples of gender stereotypes, you mostly hear about and see.

1. Women belong in the kitchen.

2. Reading is a girl thing.

Excuse me, so what does that make of the male authors…not to mention the male reading population. It’s not your fault that you never or haven’t discovered the joy of reading.

3. Men provide for their families.

There is nothing wrong with a woman providing for her family along with her man, what if she is a single parent? What if there is no man? What if something unfortunate happens? Nah, everything should be equal and all the things society perceive as right needs to be checked.

4. Men are messy and unclean


5. Men love movies with explosions, gore, fighting etc.

Need I express myself more?


6. Women should be demure about sex.

7. Women love to gossip.

I strongly disagree, I have seen men happily joining us in our gossiping and also gossiping among themselves. A lot of people gossip without even knowing that’s what they are doing.

8. Women are meant to raise children.

Nope, it takes a man and woman to provide the essential ingredients to produce a baby. If both parents are in the picture then, you both are raising that child, your children are both of your responsibilities.

9. Men are insensitive.

Last time I checked, men are humans and all humans experience emotions, some people are just very good at masking their emotions.

10. Men love sports

Wow, what century are you in? Definitely not this one.

This may apply to some people but not everyone in general. Every single person male or female is different, no one person is the same, so be careful of how you stereotype people.

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