P.S. I Like You by Kasie West

Author Kasie West Book P.S. I Like You


I have never read a book by Kasie West before and I am honest to God very impressed. The title of this book is definitely cute and the book  cover even more so, so I kind of figured what I was getting myself into, despite reading the blurb a lot and loving it, upon starting the book I forgot what it was about, and didn’t bother reading it again, cause I’m reading the book I’ll know what it is eventually.

I love Lily, she reminds me of  younger me, minus her crazy family and she just about beat me on my weirdness level. Her life is very entertaining to read about, and I love how she handles the curve-ball situations her life throws at her.

I couldn’t help the stupid grins on my face while reading this and it was so clear that she and he who would not be named, clearly where meant for each other. Both of them could be quite endearingly annoying and childish, but it’s allowed they are at the age which is okay to behave that way.

I loved it, light, funny, crazy and so much fun to read.


26 Days Book Challenge
#1 A book you own but haven’t read.

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