Miscellaneous Updates


Friday – Sunday, I will be in my home state, Ogun. My Aunt Wake is on Friday and she is getting buried on Saturday. We’ve been planning this funeral since June, and I know it sounds horrible but I am glad it is finally here, so we can lay her to rest and all this party planning will end. Yes, it is a strange Yoruba tradition. After the Wake/Religious services and the actual burial. A big party is usually thrown to celebrate the dead and we Yoruba’s love parties (I don’t though). In this case, we’ve been selling the Aso Ebi, means the cloth material chosen by the family for the guests and family members to wear, depending on the level of importance, an individual has towards the family throwing the party (weddings. birthdays, burial etc.). I’m really looking forward to all the gifts that will be distributed, yes I know gifts. Different people buy stuff ranging from different things you can need in a house (cooking utensils, soaps, towels, bags, rugs, buckets, eating, food etc.) I need to stock up on when I go back to school, the extra cash that will surely come my way from family relatives I haven’t seen in awhile and the best, staying at a hotel for 2 days, not having to worry about chores.

I loved my aunt tbh, I think she was chill. But I wasn’t that close to her because we didn’t have anything in common and she acted very old, even when she recently turned 60 before she passed. And I had accepted that her time was near its end because, she had been sick for months now, since last year.

May her soul be resting in perfect peace. Amen.


I am very sad to say, I have deserted the 26 Books Challenge. I’m still reading a book most of the days, apart from when I am so tired from work or my daily activities I immediately fall asleep. Just not according to the Challenge list, so the 26 books challenge is on hold.


I’m so excited Kennedy @ Nothing But Books Site sent me a copy of her book to review, which I will get to reading tomorrow and drop a review for latest next week. Sorry, I’ve been real busy.


Thanks to the wonderful Tammy @ A Word About Books for tagging me for The Pokemon Go Book Tag, I’ll definitely do it soon and the lovely Flavia The Bibliophile for awarding me with the Sunshine Blogger Award, I never thought I would get the award to be honest, so I am very flattered and will have my post up in no time.


Bye for now. I hope to get as active again next week. I do love blogging and you fellow bloggers. I can’t help but check WordPress daily, it’s addictive.


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