The Sunshine Blogger Award


Flavia! It means a lot that you awarded this to me, thank you so much! You’re quite the book blogger and I really love your blog.



1) What is your favourite book that you’ve read in 2016?

This is quite easy to answer. I just made the conclusion that It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover will hands down be the best book I read this year unless Colleen writes another book that outshines It Ends With Us.

2) What book do you most look forward to in 2016 (not yet released)?

I’m looking forward to reading me some new Jodi Ellen Malpas. Her next book is called The Protector and it drops on the 6th of September.

3) How long have you been blogging?

I started blogging truly in 2012, so I’ve been blogging for about four years.

4) Can you see yourself still being a book blogger 5 years from now?

Yes, I see myself still blogging about the books I read, I mean how can I not… I’ll never get tired of books and how else will I express myself truly? Most people around me don’t read for the fun or love of it.

5) Are you an aspiring book author, or will you stick to being an avid reader?

I used to be an aspiring author, but I don’t think writing is for me, so yes I will be sticking to being an avid reader.

6) Do you have to listen to particular playlists when reading particular types of books?

No, I do not have to. I rather read without the distraction of music, but sometimes I play my standard music playlist, but usually end up drowning out all the sounds and only taking in the words I read.

7) How often do you change your blog’s theme?

Since I started blogging on WordPress, I have changed my theme only six times, I usually revert back to old themes such as twenty fourteen, but no more I love my current theme.

8) Do you also use social media for bookish stuff, or just your blog?

I just started integrating social media with my bookish stuff, but hell yes I use Goodreads always.

9) At what age did you start reading?

I started reading at age 9. It’s quite strange remembering a young me who hated reading because I did. But when I was 9 years old, I was involved in an accident that involved moving car tires going over my feet and one getting fractured and the other scarred, I had no choice but to turn to books and I never looked back.

10) Do you read books only in English, or other languages also?

I only know two languages, English and Yoruba. I am very slow when reading Yoruba, because I have to sound out some words in other to understand what I am reading and I was taught English, while Yoruba just came to me naturally because it is my cultural language and I grew up with people speaking it around me, and learning it at school wasn’t as important as learning English, because I attended a British primary and secondary school in my country.

11) Do you set reading goals for yourself, or do you just go with the flow?

I set reading goals for myself, and I usually fail at them drastically. just like my current a book a day challenge. I am so lost because I am just reading anything that picks my interest.



  1. Tammy @ A Word About Books
  2. Laura @ Reading Lust
  3. Arianne @ Beyond Chapters
  4. Alecia @ The Staircase Reader
  5. Judith @ Read and Review 2016


  1. What’s your favourite childhood book?
  2. At what age did you start reading?
  3. Do you have a Goodreads account? If yes, are you participating in the Goodreads reading challenge? If yes, how’s it going for you?
  4. Do you prefer reading in the morning or in the evening?
  5. What genre do you want to read more of?
  6. Heroes or anti-heroes? And Why? 
  7. Any advice for a new blogger?
  8. How do you feel about over-hyped books?
  9. What do you look at first: the book cover or the blurb?
  10. Name the best opening line from any book that you have ever read?
  11. What is your biggest pet peeve?



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