Moonshot by Alessandra Torre

Book Moonshot Author Alessandra Torre


This is a mini book review.

I love Alessandra Torre, she is an auto-buy author and it makes me sad to say I did not enjoy Moonshot as well as I should have. I was just annoyed and wanting to get done with the book. Maybe because of my very hard dislike of the characters of the story, it took me time to really get into the book and read it. I just didn’t take to them and the story didn’t flow so well in my opinion, in fact it felt quite off and not the best Alessandra can possibly do.

I don’t want to exaggerate on the story and why I don’t like it, because it means I’ll be dropping spoilers, but know that, the story concept isn’t actually bad, the writing is superb, the execution spotty and because I finished the book, it is bearable to read.

I know my view is very different to most of the public’s perception, (because they loved it so much) but I can’t help but write this review, because it unsettled me. I hope Alessandra next book beats this by a long shot and just because of one book not to my liking, doesn’t mean she isn’t still an auto-buy.



3 thoughts on “Moonshot by Alessandra Torre

      1. True. And the buildup was there but when it came to the big reveal, I was like uhm okayy. LOL. I’m waiting for her current work in progress. Still a fan though cos she has some really good ones. 🙂


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