Running With the Pack by A.M. Burns

Book Running With The Pack Author A.M. Burns & Caitlin Ricci

Running With the Pack

Publication Date – September 8th, 2016

How do I write this? I wasn’t expecting to like the story, the blurb was intriguing enough and the cover art making me want to give it a try, but the blurb was somewhat misleading in an ominous way, but still being truthful. Blurb writing is an art.

I don’t know where to start from. I loved every minute I spent reading this book, I didn’t put it down till I was done reading it.

A story filled with cute wolves, who doesn’t love the canines? I know I do! A poly relationship between three best friends, with one being an asexual and I really loved the use of animals.

Ivan, Adrian and Finn. Ivan and his parent, run the wolf centre, which ultimately link and bonds the three boys together, Finn is the new kid in town, his family and him just moved to town and finally sweet shy Adrian, who is asexual and dealing with issues. I would have liked to know more about why Adrian is the way he is, I feel like they should have been more to it. Together they discover their real selves and the true meaning of friendship.

I loved their families, I wish a lot more families are as open and as understanding. There isn’t too much angst, so if you’re looking for a light cutesy teenage m/m/m read with a happy ending, you don’t have to search further.

This is the first book I am reading that talks about asexuality, which makes it awesome in my opinion, cause till date lots of people don’t know what being asexual is all about, or that people who identify as asexual exist. I identify as a grey-ace, so it’s very cool I got to read about it.

It would have been a full four stars, but the story is so sunshiny, even with the all the mishaps that occurred in the story. I definitely will read more books by these authors.


12 thoughts on “Running With the Pack by A.M. Burns

  1. I have a guess but I had to look up the definition to make sure haha So you are saying that the characters in this book have no sexual desires towards girls or guys?


      1. It’s high everywhere I think. Most times it’s under-reported due to fear or bribery or power. Raping of any kind is appalling but I’m most sad when children is involved because they don’t know. And then the action is taken by family members is even unbelievable because we are trusting of our families to take care of us, not harm us. I just don’t understand why people do this.


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