Falling for the Chance by Kennedy L. Mitchell

Author Kennedy L. Mitchell  Book Falling for the Chance

Publication Date – July 17th 2016

Blurb: Two years after losing her fiancée, twenty-seven year old Emily Heart still hasn’t recovered. Everyone has told her to get back out there, to live her life – her best friend going as far as setting her up with an online dating profile – but she just can’t move on. Not only can she not move on emotionally but she has now found herself stuck in a career path far from where she saw her future self. One hot Friday afternoon in Dallas she meets two potential men that could make her see things differently. Martin and Mike couldn’t be more opposite, leaving Emily to figure out who will be the one her heart – not just her body – will fall for. This Dallas based, young adult romance is hilarious, passionate and will have you laughing out loud as Emily tries to figure out her love life.


Emily Heart’s is a wow character, full to the brim with unexpected surprises, good and bad. The book starts with Emily’s dormant interest in the human male species rebooting back to life and it quickly snares and captures two promising fishes in the sea of dating.

I had a bit of a problem here, cause she was seeing both men at the same time in a way and it didn’t make it easy to read , it all worked out and she got herself out of that sticky situation.

I was expecting more of a triangle relationship due to the blurb, but it wasn’t so bad and angst-y, I could clearly see where Emily’s main love interest lies and who the unlucky fella would be, but we still get our happy-ever-after, which is all I ask for in books.

Emily’s paranoia, low self-esteem and anger issues, made her my least favorite character. Emily is too engrossed in herself, I mean the self-pity was a bit too much for me and she is not the most reasonable character, I noticed.

I love reading athlete books, but it didn’t really feature much of the sporty bits, that makes for a wonderful athlete read and it made me a bit sad.

The side characters were entertaining and made for lovely eye-rolling, awkward, shaking my head and giggling moments. I felt bad for Emily at times, when it came to Christine meddling, but it comes from sincere love, so Christine kicks ass.

I found the texting between characters fun to read, I love reading them because it gives me the impression that I am reading something private and I am snooping lol.

The book cover isn’t up to perks in the attention grabbing realm and most people would look over it, I tried my hands at tweaking a Kindle book cover over at Canva and this was the best I could do, it’s not even great. But anyways, this cover is totally free to use, if you like it enough, no copyright infringement and whatsoever.


I like the writing style, because there is a flow and this story packed-in enough of book tropes-although I know there could be parts of the stories I could have done without. There are great and bad moments in the story but it is what puts the story together, makes it complete and what it is.


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