Imperfect Love by Isabella White

Book Imperfect Love Author Isabella White Series 4ever


Published July 27th 2015 by Fire Quill Publishing


This is the most disappointing of books, I have come across this year. Overused romance book tropes, with a potential for being great, but the phrasings ruined it, the pace of the story is too slow and the story is too long. I got extremely bored from the beginning I don’t even know how far I’ve gone into it (checked) 40% I can’t do it, I give up.

The story is so confusing, so much run-on-sentences,  I don’t usually know run-on-sentences, because I am a queen of writing them, but I noticed so it’s that bad. Have I spoken about the book tropes.

She is a screaming damsel in distress, a damsel that is a disaster. The story plot is awesome, that’s what made me get this far, but the characters aren’t and how the author speaks about them confuses me so much, I don’t know who is who most of the time and the way it is written, did you get an editor to go through this?

I really wanted to finish this book, but I can only take so much.

Initially this was me giving up on the story, but I want to know more… so I gave it another shot, but no still too cliched for me, so I skimmed it and it’s even worse, it has an unnecessary plot twists, that is usually the trope for this kind of novels and it is the usual lack of communication between characters and manipulative vindictive antagonists.

I can’t believe the number of good reviews this story has, and guess what it’s meant to have two more books, a trilogy but the author isn’t showing signs of releasing the next stories soon, I know I won’t be reading the next books. It’s a sad night for me because Netgalley is disappointing me, I get denied all the good books and then when I think yes I’ve gotten a good one, it turns out to not be up to par.

This review by Kate Marie, is even more enlightening and explains all this mishaps extremely well.  2-stars


5 thoughts on “Imperfect Love by Isabella White

  1. Yeah, I’m surprised about other people’s reviews too. I didn’t liked the book I posted today but on Amazon, many people gave it 5 stars. I wonder if they even read the book!


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