Miscellaneous Updates : I joined a Book Club! etc.

I Joined a Book Club!

So, I can bet there will be or are quite a number of book clubs in Nigeria, but I haven’t actually haven’t ever heard of one, even if I have it’s more or less related to school, or some assignment… never encountered one for actual book lovers or for people who read for fun.

So when a friend of mine, contacted me on Friday about a book club meet up nearby on Sunday and asking if I would I be interested in going because books are my thing. Of course, I wanted to go immediately but I was a skeptic because really telling me at the end of the month when they are meeting to discuss the books of the month, would it be wise?

So I reached out to the creator of the club and she said it was cool, I should still come, even if I haven’t read the books or a book because it would be a fun experience in general and it was.

Basically what goes on at Book Clubs occurred, the major discussion of the books, snacking and playing games, with very friendly and very different characteristics of people.

The name of the book club is Bookaholics Book Club  created by Life Dada


The Books of the Month

Daughters Who Walk This Path

by Yejide Kilanko

This book, it’s about how a sensitive situation, that most people don’t know how to deal with, was left unattended and how it manifested and changed Morayo as a person and how she learnt to cope and live her life from that moment. It’s Yejide’s debut novel and the reviews hail her writing and how well executed the story is. But the fun part of this was we got to talk to Yejide herself via Skype, she was able to share her inspiration for the story and how much it meant to her and the journey when she started writing it and the journey afterwards.


by A. Igoni Barrett

Published July 9th, 2015 by Chatto & Windus
 So the story is about a Nigerian man named Furo, who goes to sleep a black man and wakes up a full white man with one exception his ass is still black, so we follow how he navigates his life as a white man in Lagos, Nigeria. I loved the discussion on this book, and I have decided that I am going to read it because it sounds very intriguing and I’m going to be writing a review on it. I know there are a lot of mixed reviews for it, but I make my own opinions about books.

Chasing Facades

by Elizabeth Olushola Adeolu

Published April 5th, 2016 by Farafina Breeze (Kachifo Limited) and Worldreader
We didn’t get to discuss this book and I don’t think anyone read it, so it’s been added to next month’s books of the month. I’m going to definitely read it because it’s a Nigerian based detective story, which I would love to actually read.


Two weeks ago, my dog was looking skinny, I was a bit worried because he wasn’t eating so well, I mean he refused chicken, he and I’s favourite food. And now two weeks later he is fat. It’s so amusing, but I’m very happy he’s eating again and time for both of us to get our ass in exercising gear, someone told me I gained extra fats, need to loose the extra.



I need to get my blogging schedule in gear, so I have more content to write about and that’s basically it. I’ll be lagging in posts for a bit, but I’ll bounce back.

Hope your weekends went well and it was quite relaxing and everything you wished it to be. I’ll also be going through everyone’s post that I missed now.

2 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Updates : I joined a Book Club! etc.

  1. Have fun at your book club! How does people tell you about gaining extra fat? People asked me if I’m pregnant, so that’s when I know I’m fat.. haha.. and the bad thing is, the fat only ends up at the stomach area.. and that’s the hardest area to get it flat haha..

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