Out of Bounds by R.S. Grey

Author R.S. Grey Book Out of Bounds Series The Summer Games #2


Published August 1st, 2016

You know when a book is going well, even despite the fact that the characters are as shitty as hell. I seriously despise Erik Winter and I want to kill Brie Watson.

First of all Brie Watson is twenty years old? Excuse me, the last time I checked neither I or most of the people I know that are twenty, act as immature and as annoying as Brie Watson. I did not see a mature lady in this book, I saw an insufferable child. I can’t even age her 16 it’s like an insult to the age. I was so annoyed I just wanted to slap some sense into her and her friends, which makes me wonder what the author was thinking when writing this book.

The story line is long, a lot of parts are very unnecessary and doesn’t even make sense, usual overused tropes acting as excuses for someone’s poor behaviour, but even still it doesn’t even add up. The story is filled with unnecessary tidbits, and I know I love me some good love/hate but this one was over the top, and so unnecessary. I mean they fight and the next thing they are acting all chummy and all that shit.

And the reason for their fighting is that Brie is immature, self-righteous and very indecisive and Erik is a selfish prick, he is definitely no role model. I really found the extra curriculum activities to be a lot extra, in the very bad way. UNNECESSARY.

This book is setting is a backdrop for the Olympics, which was nice and the training which was well executed. It’s the tidbits that occurred in between. But the ending of the book seemed to annoy the most out of everything. Like important information is missing, are we to assume if she gets a medal or not, this is an Olympic book, you can’t leave out that kind of detail and skip over to the ending ceremony blasphemy. How can a jerk do a full 360% just like that and he and Brie’s lack of communication annoyed the flip out of me, like what is wrong with both of you sabotaging yourself? Like are you both really that stupid?

Aside from that, I was able to finish the book, which didn’t make it that bad. This is the first book by this Author and I just wanted to give her a try, because I was seeing this book everywhere on WordPress and to be quite frank, I wasn’t impressed, it was a very generic and mediocre story.


4 thoughts on “Out of Bounds by R.S. Grey

  1. If the author can invoke your anger in a character, that also considers good writing. If you feel everything is bland or so-so, then there’s no point in reading. Do you agree?


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