Boss Man by Vi Keeland

Author Vi Keeland Book Boss Man


Published July 16th 2016

I’m in love with Vi Keeland’s writing. This is the second book of hers that I am reading and it did not fail to get me wrapped up and invested in the story, which is so cute and had me smiling and blushing throughout. The story is just well executed and it’s exactly how I like my book characters to act and behave! I’m so going to be reading more of her books now. I think she may become a must read author soon enough.

I don’t want to gush too much but I think you should read this if you need to feel happy, I mean there are sad bits but it’s all good. You’ll be mostly happy when reading this.

Reese is a badass, in the sense that she’s calm and reasonable, doesn’t necessary jump to conclusions and then proceed to do something stupid. She’s very mature and well developed, she’s just executed perfectly and I feel a bit of kin with her.

Chase is swoon-worthy he’s just so yummy and good despite his flaws. Reese is truly his other half šŸ’–

The side characters are also fun to read about and make the story more enjoyable, so kudos Vi to brilliant writing!

It’s not too angsty, it’s well written and it’s everything. I just loved reading this book, after having read a lot of books that have left me unsatisfied lately, this is quite refreshing.

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