Songs on Repeat, Tag Edition

Hi welcome to another edition of my current songs on repeat. I know a whole month has gone by without me updating and I apologize (no really cares though), I had been trying to compile a list but it wasn’t so possible cause I didn’t have up to ten songs, but now I do and there may or may not be bonus songs *hides face*

Hmm with all the tags that are running around on the blogging sphere I think I should turn this into one, at least it will give people more stuff to blog about *Cheshire grin* plus I’m sure I’ll discover new music this way, I love music aside from books, my two things I can’t live without.

Tammy, Jasmine, Maya, Michelle, Cate, Lisa, Emma, Emma Kath, Lish, Alecia, Flavia, Jazz, Trish and many more others. You’re most exceptionally tagged šŸ˜Š

I present to you…

The Songs on Repeat Tag.

Basically you’re meant to do it monthly, sharing the songs you find yourself hitting repeat for or seeking out over and over again to hear on your music playlist, minimum of 5 songs though :), please tag others.

Gone by Afrojack featuring Ty Dolla $ign

I love Ty Dolla $ign. And this song is everything, as soon as the beat starts you know this is definitely a song you’re going to love and it’s good work Afrojack is doing, I mean this song is fire.

I.O.U. by Wretch 32 featuring Emeli Sande

It’s Wretch 32 and Emeli Sande, what more incentive do you need to listen to this song? And it’s so emotional and thankful, this lyrics are the best I’ve encountered in awhile.

Why You Always Hatin? by YG featuring Drake & Kamaiyah

All up in my face, you not from the clique

I didn’t know this existed, till the day I was watching FDT music video featuring Macklemore and G-Eazy. (you should google the song) So you know YouTube’s autoplay and I was dancing on my seat to this beat of this song and then i hear Drake’s voice and, i didn’t wait I got Still Brazy immediately.

Bonbon (Remix) by Era Istrefi featuring Post Malone

I waited a short while for the English version of this song to come out, and then it did, but I dismissed it till I heard this remix and ever since this is my jam.

Goodnight Gotham by Rihanna

I think this song has been on one of my previous songs on repeat, but I don’t care, even if it’s not technically a song with many words. It’s my favorite track in the album, and it just makes my soul settled whenever I listen to it. I really love Riri, she’s truly amazing, beautiful and one of kind.

Name of Love by Martin Garrix featuring Bebe Rexha

I hated this song months ago, it’s shocking how last month, before the video came out, my shuffle kept playing it over and over, till I finally love the beauty that it is.

Fuck by Post Malone featuring Jeremih

I randomly went to all my songs, I usually just listen to my playlists, cause it’s filled with songs I most likely won’t skip. Anyways I discovered this gem, I know there are many undiscovered gems in my music playlist.

Blindspot by HUNTAR

Spontaneous give this track a try and end up really liking it.

Wild Love by Cashmere Cat featuring Francis and The Lights & The Weeknd

Three music genius on a track, I can’ describe it, you’ll have to listen to it yourself, to understand what I mean.

Rivals by Usher featuring Future

Usher’s voice is angelic. I can’t wait for Hard II Love.

Overnight by Jake Miller

Close to You by Frank Ocean

Go buy his album to listen to this song šŸ™‚



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