Miscellaneous Updates

I have been in a reading slump this past week. I’m going back to school on Sunday, I think it’s why I’m mostly sad and resigned these days, my school is a very gloomy place and the environment isn’t welcoming at all. The only good thing is, I get to workout my schedule for blogging for the rest of the year (hopefully)

I’m not exactly happy because I haven’t got my first Fairyloot box yet, I have been waiting since the 1st of August! for the September box and it’s the end of September, it doesn’t seem worth the wait you know and Tammy already ruined the contents of the box for me, so I won’t even been very thrilled, I’m just here like whenever it arrives, no exciting or anticipation joy… because I’ll be far away at school, when it reaches my door step. It’s such a major crusher. But what’s even worse I haven’t gotten any book box yet and I’m eager to pay for the Fairyloot November box, I don’t think I like myself.

On a brighter note, I got a new laptop today. Still I feel like crap, due to reading three books back to back last night and ended up pulling a book reading all nighter, while having to be up by 5:30. I can’t wait to sink into sleep, but first I have to transfer stuff from my old laptop to my new one and also get apps for my new one, which I have been doing all day.

I’m going to write reviews tomorrow on Paper Princess and Broken Prince, by Erin Watt tomorrow, it was fun reading the books and I can’t wait for Twisted Palace!




7 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Updates

    1. I know, I’m so tired, I’m trying to read a book now, I’m interested but life is getting in the way 🙁 I have learnt to survive with little sleep, cause of work and school, I love Saturdays cause I can sleep in, if I don’t have anything planned

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