Miscellaneous Updates: Crippled at 20.

Today I almost lost all my bottom molars 😞 I’m left with only my wisdom teeth and one molar that had to have temporary dressing to heal the inside, cause the infection has spread all the way to my gum, in three weeks I have to come back for permanent filling, if it heals or I’m going to lose it also (please God, no) and my other one which was extremely bad, it’s been bad for more than 4 years, I’ve been managing it really well, had to be extracted. I’m very sad because despite it being bad it didn’t hurt and it was my only good chewing molar and now I can’t really chew anything, I’m crippled at 20.

My wisdom teeth are still growing, they are just a little bit out, but now there is space for my right wisdom teeth to grow since there are no molars obstructing it 😭.

Please don’t be like me, who is a sugar addict. I don’t even take many chocolates and boiled sweets, I just love sweet food. Endeavour to brush your teeth every morning and last thing you do before sleeping.

Also if you feel any pain coming from any of your teeth, go see a dentist ASAP, especially if you notice a black smudge that won’t go, no matter how much you brush. Also, you’re meant to rinse your mouth after every meal. I repeat after every meal, to remove particles and debris while they are still stuff and the ones that get stuck in our gums and between our teeth.

My mum is full on, I told you so, right now. But I’m letting her have it, cause I’m way too sad to do anything else and she is definitely right this time. I know she’s still going to lecture me on teeth etiquette every day for the next month.

My mouth is so numb, I think my tongue feels like how a dead goat or pig tongue sticks out bloated. I think I’m exaggerating, but my mouth is dead. Scratch that, it’s spreading all over my face 😞, I’ll be in so much pain when it wears out.

I don’t know what I’m going to eat now since I’m not allowed hot food, just cold food… ice cream? who am I kidding 😭

6 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Updates: Crippled at 20.

  1. I hope you get over this fase, why not look for some sugar alternatives (e.g, homemand sugar free cookies), and keep the sugary substances as healthy treat? I hope you find this suggestion helpful 🙂

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  2. I am sorry you are going through this, but happy to know you are getting things taken care of now. The infection can be so dangerous. I have a genetic condition that depletes my calcium (no matter how much I brush and floss) so I know it stinks to lose teeth. Sorry. Hang in there!

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