Winter’s Curse by April L Wood

Book Winter’s Curse Author April L Wood Series Season of the Witch


Published October 31st 2016 by Bellatrix Press


Before the light is reborn within the womb of darkness and the Sun returns, will Winter reverse the curse?

When High Priestess Iris Rose-Thorne bets her granddaughter’s womb in a broom flying contest – and loses, Winter wonders where the real danger lies: from the Witch Hunters she fled from the far North or her shady grandmother.

She finds safety with Turmeric of the Wormwood clan. His eagerness to protect her warms her frozen heart. But her love for him defies the Segregation Curse of Old, cast by the Elders to preserve ancient clan bloodlines.

Can they find a way around the Segregation Curse of Old to be together?

And with time running out as the Winter Solstice nears, will Winter be able to reverse the curse on her womb? Or will she agree to her fate and remain barren?

My Review

Started On – 30th Oct. 2016

Finished On – 1st Nov. 2016

I love magic and this story is full with witches, oh the glee. Winter our protagonist is as different as they come… she has blue blood running through her veins , yes her blood is blue, not that she’s a royal, and instead of her blood boiling and turning her skin red, when embarrassed, flushed or angry, her blood cools and turns her a blue shade, such a delight… there’s more she sweats ice, cool, cool, cool? Cool. (couldn’t resist)

Winter has been cursed and it’s by her grandmother… okay that’s not right… it’s her grandmothers fault, her grandmother is the cause of Winter’s greatest troubles and has to secretly try her best to break the curse, without her grandmother figuring it out.

She becomes friends with the least people her grandmother expects her to and together with her friends she goes on a journey to break her curse and uncover a whole load of secrets and make astounding discoveries.

There are so many intriguing aspects of this story, which makes it unique to most of the stories of witches I read, for one it makes use of the broomstick witches use to fly, the witches live in harmony with the humans? etc.The plot of this book is sensational but the execution of the story is mediocre, the story fell flat in a lot of places and the flow wasn’t well paced, the story pace is all over, there is need for re-editing, because there were times I got confused, but it’s mostly because of all the hocus pocus that come with witches.

I did not connect with Winter or any character, because there isn’t’ much depth to them, I was being told this is what the character does, and not shown exactly. I found Winter to be the most confusing character because of how much self doubt she has in herself, and how easy it is for her to fall into the damsel in distress role, and relying on Tumeric, how she let others walk-over her, girl you’re a witch, embrace it and be the badass that you’re meant to be. Her emotions aren’t well portrayed, in fact emotions aren’t well portrayed in the story, that most of the time, where they are needed, they are swept aside like a minority.

Aside from that, this story was enjoyable enough for me to finish it, because I was curious to find out why certain things were happening and I wasn’t disappointed. There are so many questions that the story brings up that are left unanswered which was quite disheartening.

I love the concept of the story, it’s quite an easy read, because it’s not really dark and very surface read and the cover is very beautiful.


p.s. Thank you April, for allowing me to read and review your book!


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