Sunday Funday: Blogging Party!

Hi, what’s up? This is going to be a feature kind of post, but it isn’t going to on the regs! I got this idea from Marquessa! So how does a blogging party happen? Well, it’s pretty easy. This post is the party location. All that is needed to do now, is for us to interact with each other in the comment section!

Introduce yourself, tell us what your blog is all about and leave a link to any post of yours, you would like to share with us. Everyone should please interact and explore each other, blog and posts! It’s a lovely way to meet and discover awesome bloggers such as yourself.

If you comment, you’re obligated to interact and check out others blogs okay! Don’t sit this one out, I assure you it’s worth it!

17 thoughts on “Sunday Funday: Blogging Party!

  1. What a lovely idea! My name is Chantal and I blog about books, mainly YA but also NA and Adult books. Genres I read are Fantasy & SF, contemporary, historical romance and horror. Today I want to share with you this post. This book, Timekeeper by Tara Sim, was released two weeks ago and in my opinion is an awesome steampunk book. I’m looking forward to talking with everyone!

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    1. Hi Chantal, I don’t know much about steampunk, but it seems truly intriguing, like a fairyloot box, the october one was themed steampunk, but since i don’t have an idea of the theme, I sat it out. Thanks for participating (not much people have time for blogging these days)

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    1. What an awesome idea! I enjoy rereading books, especially fantasy books. It’s funny how I always notice new things, the second or third time reading a book. So, I think I’ll be participating!


  2. What an awesome idea. Well hey, I’m Nyse and I write about books, society/self improvement. Anyone is welcome to visit my kingdom, which is a land where ideas and inspirations flow. Happy blogging!

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