Hi, It’s Lara and I Changed my URL!

If you’ve noticed, I have changed my blogs identity image, my user image via gravatar and my blogs header image (this would be the least noticeable).

I’ve also gone from “The Heathen” to “The Book Heathen” which is much more fitting, for I am not a heathen in the sense that people understand the word mostly.

As much as I love my url, it is not fitting with the things I blog about the most and I have settled on a wonderful name, https://enticingtales.wordpress.com! So goodbye https://jukejam.wordpress.com I’m not deleting it, but I’m going to leave behind a redirect0r-y post, so no one feels like I disappeared. I’m still here, just with a new url 😦 I’m quite sad, but it has to be done, or I won’t be happy.

I didn’t make any changes to my blog theme Canard, because I love the theme and it’s just pleasing to my eyes.

I’ll be making a couple more changes, but don’t know what else.

I’m now Lara @ The Book Heathenhttps://enticingtales.wordpress.com


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