My Favourite Things 2016

1This has been one spectacular year! I final had my breakout as a blogger and now I can probably call myself one without fear that I’m exaggerating. I met so many wonderful people and I’ve never been more loved or given out so much love to the people of the inter-web. I love the blogging community. I’m very grateful that I am alive and so are everyone single one of you and I pray 2017 is one with minor downfalls but full of success and triumph for all of us!

8These are the books, that really called to my emotions this year. I pretty much love them and would definitely reread them and still feel the same way about them, meaning I’ll love them forever and it also means the authors have made their way to permanently being on my auto-buy list, well Colleen Hoover has always been on the list ha ha. You can check out my reviews for each book below, I added links which will take you to the webpages where I am gushing about the books.

 It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover 


My Review


The Baller by Vi Keeland


My Review


The Royals by Erin Watt (Pseudonym), Elle Kennedy & Jen Frederick

My Reviews

Paper Princess, Broken Prince & Twisted Palace


The Wrath and the Dawn Duology by Renee Ahdieh

My Review


I, Porn Star by Zara Cox


My Review


Strong Signal by Megan Erickson & Santino Hassell


My Review


VIP series by Kristen Callihan

My Reviews



A Love Letter to Whiskey by Kandi Steiner


My Review


Swear on This Life by Renee Carlino


My Review


DCI Erika Foster Series by Robert Bryndza

My Reviews

The Girl in the Ice, The Night StalkerDark Water


My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton & Jodi Meadows


My Review


P.S. I Like You by Kasie West


My Review


Carry the Ocean by Heidi Cullinan


My Review


The Sexy One by Lauren Blakely


My Review


Neighbors (Twin Estates) by Stylo Fantôme 


My Review


I’m a TV series junkie, I watch a lot. They are like books, never ending. I have so many cued up waiting for m to watch them, in fact begging me to watch them, but these are the ones that really stood out for me this year.


I’m scared this show is going to cancelled and they don’t let it round up. Right now it’s verdict is stuck in limbo and I’m praying it doesn’t get cut. What’s it all about? It’s a show that shows how media helps in assisting cases that lawyers take on.




Wow. This show is spectacular, it is everything. This show played with my emotions so well, it is so funny, silly, realistic—and depressing. I really connected on all emotional levels with this series and it’s my favourite of the year. I think everyone should give it a try, at the end of the season I found myself crying so badly and feeling the pain Fleabag had been trying to avoid. Fleabag is a refreshing show and very original.

Image result for fleabag tv series banner



A show actually has me proudly speaking the words “I love the Devil” and wondering why God is being an uber dick. (fictional world) I love Lucy and Maze and Detective, I love everyone. Can January come quicker? I love crime solving shows and this is one awesome show featuring the Devil, who may be in love, yes please.

Image result for Lucifer tv series banner



Another crime solving show, most shows are about solving crimes, anyways Rosy is a doctor, who is very ill but helps the police in his state solve cases, along with his best-friend an actual police detective, who he has strong feelings for, but she’s still affected by her husband death—two of them make me laugh.

Image result for Rosewood tv series banner



My favourite family on TV! Junior is so stupid, I just don’t get it. Ruby is wow, she is the grandma, very religious but actually a nazigenerate (yeah, just formed that…she is something) Diane is evil she is the female twin. Bow and Dre are the best parents, yet they are so silly, especially Dre, I understand why Junior…Let me not carry on watch it, it’s very funny.

Related image


How to Get Away with Murder

I may be canning this show, my baby is dead. My favourite character has been killed. What is life? I cried so hard and for hours when I found out, I mourned the rest of the week. And the slightest thought of him, seeing the image of his body on the slab had tears coming back to my eyes. Lesson learnt, don’t invest so much in fictional characters. I feel the tears coming again.

Image result for How to Get Away with Murder banner


The Get Down

I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this as much as I did. It’s good work, the songs, the words, wow it was a good show.

Image result for The Get Down


Stranger Things

Stephen King, is a King. So many books of his have been turned into awesome film productions and I loved every minute of this show and I need more.

Image result for Stranger Things banner


Code Black

Only ER, show I watch because I started it when it came out, the others are too long for me to start, ha ha. I enjoy this so much though, many hot guys and awesome back stories.

Image result for code black banner



This show gives me hypertension, I’m waiting for the ball to drop and shit to hit the fan, because wow, I’ve never been more scared for a lead character before. I remember before this series started airing I read a review which said this show would not be spectacular and ha ha in your face.

Image result for Blindspot banner


Madam Secretary

This is the only kind of political show I find myself loving and it’s because of Kate and her family. It’s refreshing and interesting to watch, I aspire to be like her in my marriage whenever I get hitched.

Image result for madam secretary banner



Me loving this show took me by surprise. I wasn’t expecting it to be so engaging. It is so brutal though and I feel like killing the main characters sometimes, but it’s all worth it. It’s a good drama show.

Image result for unreal tv series banner


Orphan Black

Sestra. This is a magnificent show and Tatiana Maslany is a queen in her own right. She plays more than 6 characters in this show and enough of them are lead actresses, imagine how much she has to learn, different accents, behaviours, looks and styles. It’s a lot and she pulls it off very flawlessly, so I have to hail her.

Related image


Image result for fantastic beast and where to find them banner

No. 1 movie of the year! (Click This)


Image result for Zootopia 2016 movie banner

I enjoyed this, I love solving crimes and it was very entertaining.


Image result for Me Before You 2016 movie banner

I really enjoyed the movie, funny i can’t read the book…I don’t like it.


Image result for Lights Out 2016 movie banner

Really gave me chills and it’s way better than Conjuring 2, which means it is way scarier ha ha. Favourite movie genre is actually horror.


Image result for Ouija 2016 movie banner

I love the twist in this movie. It’s refreshing for real. It’s creepy by the way, not scary, well not scary to me.


Image result for suicide squad movie banner

One of the most hyped movies of this year and i enjoyed it, don’t know about the people who said it wasn’t great…I loved it.


Image result for Jungle Book movie banner

My childhood, I remember watching the cartoon? I know I had the book and I read it a bazillion times. I had all the books Bambi, Lion King and many more I can’t remember the titles. I watched the animations and red the books. So I was excited when I learnt last year this was getting a movie and I enjoyed reliving this story.


Image result for The Wedding Party 2016 nigerian movie banner

This is one lit ass movie. It’s Nigerian to the core and I laughed so much while watching this movie. I loved everything, it was well executed and one of Nigeria’s best movies this year. I’m so proud of my country and how well directed and acted the movies are turning out to be now. If you want to learn a bit about the culture of most Nigerian weddings, you should watch this. You won’t regret it.


This is a YouTube playlist made by Yours Truly. It contains all of my favourite songs of the year 2016, doesn’t necessary have to had been released this year, but I came to love it this year, you feel me? So all you have to do is press play an you’ll listen to the songs continuosly, or you can checkout the playlist and see the list of songs, whatever floats your boat 🙂


This doesn’t need no introduction.


Royalty by Chris Brown

Yes 2015, but this album was a banger at the beginning of the year and it’s still one of my favourites this year. The songs are so good, amazing beats. I also love Chris mixtapes Before the Trap & Attack the Block, he released both this year and a series of songs that just haves you moving your body. I love Chris Brown. Have you listened to Party?



Image result for Anti ALBUM

Anti by Rihanna

This is one very eccentric album. I love Riri, she’s just wow, everything about her is *fill in the gap* I was so excited for this, especially the anti site, the interactive videos and rooms and everything, it was so fun and creepy at the same time. Do you know some fans actually got free high-end Samsung phones and went on a creepy exploring, envy… not the phones, the exploring.


Image result for Coloring Book by Chance The Rapper

Coloring Book by Chance The Rapper

This album is pure genius. I can’t explain Chance’s style, you have to listen and feel it for yourself.


Image result for A Seat at The Table by Solange

A Seat at The Table by Solange

Soul touching and smooth vibes all the way.


Image result for Still Brazy by YG

Still Brazy by YG

I can’t make a list and not put this on there. This album is truly somthing else and lol FDT the election period anthem, still lots of people’s anthem I suppose, but a lot of people are also closet DT supporters.


Image result for The Life of Pablo by Kanye West

The Life of Pablo by Kanye West

The most controversial album of the year 2016. Kanye is definitely kuku, but this album is awesome, swear it grows on you and you’ll just love it, especially as you can find more than one version of each song, so you get to pick your favourites.


Image result for Lemonade by Beyoncé

Lemonade by Beyoncé

This woman, knows how to set mouth talking, so many conspiracies and speculations. This is a very powerful and strong album, that empowers women, giving us the boost we need to be unapologizingly strong and flawless in the challenges we face. Thank you Queen Bey.


Image result for Views by Drake

Views by Drake

Bounce that shh, like whoa! Lol okay I was waiting for this album also. So many bangers and everything. I love how Wizkid was on this album, on the iconic One Dance. Shining light on Nigerian artist, and also nudging Drake to come here for a show… you have plenty fans here.


Image result for Starboy album

Starboy by The Weeknd

Let it not be said that i do not love Abel, my sweet Tesfaye, and this is a wicked album even if it’s not his greatest.



Thank You by Meghan Trainor

All I have to say is thank you, for this wonderful album, with so many empowering anthems.


They are my favourite music videos, because they make sense, they have stories they are following and are in line with the lyrics of the song. I hate meaningless videos, that’s why I hardly watch music videos, because many are so predictable.

Bad Things by Machine Gun Kelly featuring Camila Cabello

Exchange by Bryson Tiller

Scars To Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara

Starboy by The Weeknd featuring Daft Punk

Treat You Better by Shawn Mendes

We Don’t Talk Anymore by Charlie Puth featuring Selena Gomez

The Greatest by Sia

No Money by Galantis

Sorry by Beyoncé

Wild by Troye Sivan featuring Alessia Cara

Seventeen by Alessia Cara

Distraction by Kehlani



Image result for vent app

I discovered this wonderful application last year (2015) . It’s a way to freely express yourself, with whatever mood your feeling and just vent.



Image result for snapchat logo

Wow, Snapchat should win app of the year. What didn’t they do, the face filters and look-around filters, acquiring bitstrips and turning it into bitmoji and adding it to their franchise. I love bitmoji btw. Snpchat channels etc. Snapchat is just marvelous.



Image result for wordpress logo

What a blogger I would be, if WordPress wasn’t on my list. The app keeps me updated with you lots and the book blogging community, making me at least post updates and what not, when I can’t use my laptop. (I prefer making posts with my laptop)



Image result for twitter logo

Twitter, makes me laugh, it’s a funny centre, finding so many tweets and stuff that has me thinking deeply, or disgusted with humanity, twitter provokes so many emotions from me and it’s a funny way to keep updated, funny n a not so funny sense, just a bit of funny, if you can understand this.



Image result for canva logo

I found Canva this year, I don’t even know how, I just went exploring and came across it and fell in love, it has made my life so much easier, easier than I could ever imagine and now I don’t have to worry about photo editing and the likes, making graphics couldn’t be easier.


Click on the post header images below to take you to the pages of my favourite posts of the year, along with the book reviews, at the top of this post.









Self Explanatory 🙂


Being alive. You reading this. My family. My friends. WordPress. My Idols. Waking Up. Not losing anyone this festive season. Canva. Music. Books. Bloggers. Authors. Book Boxes. Gifts. Apple Products. Life. Shelter. Clothes. Followers. Youtubers. Bookstagrammers. Aminals. My Doggo. Followings. Vent Fam. People. You reading this. Everything. 


Seeing Mr. Eazi win and collect his first of many awards in the music industry. It makes my heart sing and happy I got to see him in person, not through a visual display screen. I’m a big fan of his and I know he’s going to create and bless us with wonderful music.


Seeing one of my closest of friends, after three years. I’m so glad I got to see the loud and clown of a girl. The phone isn’t as good as in person, when it comes to friends. She is an awesome fashion blogger (raped my account in promoting herself) and she’s leaning onto starting a youtube vlog. I think she would do great.

YouTube Instagram Twitter Vintage Felicityy


Becoming serious about my blog. I mean wow, I have been posting consistently since June. That’s a mother load of change. Usually I’m only very active for a month out of each year, and post whenever I remember I have a blog, but now things are different and I feel very attached to my blog and it’s community, thanks to you guys. I only hope the dedication lasts forever.



My beautiful but crazy stupid doggo Benz, for making it through the year with me. I’m scared of him dying, cause he gets sick a lot and he’s on so much medication. But he’s pulling through and has made my year quite eventful with his antics… he also became a father to six beautiful puppies, sadly I couldn’t keep any of them, mum said since I wasn’t always around she could help me raise another dog lol.



Without Further Ado 


10 thoughts on “My Favourite Things 2016

  1. 2016 has definitely been full of many moments (some easier than others). I am definitely happy that you still have Benz to share them with. Thank you for not only being such a big supporter, but a friend! I am so thankful we had the chance to connect this year and look forward to sharing many more chats in 2017. Happy New Year dear friend ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Happy New Year! I love how you included not just your favorite books from this year, but music, movies and TV too. Great post! Hopefully 2017 will bring as many awesome things. ❤


  3. I’ve seen all the movies you mentioned above except for two of them. One of them I will be watching soon (The Suicide Squad) and the other one The Wedding Party, looks interesting so I’m going to look for that.


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