Book Reviews: Manwhore & Manwhore +1 by Katy Evans

Books Manwhore & Manwhore +1 Author Katy Evans Series Manwhore

My Review

I really enjoyed reading Womanizer and I loved reading Mr. President. Those two books made me realize that Katy Evans is an excellent writer, so I decided to read the books leading to Womanizer and the first book is Manwhore.

Manwhore is a pretty engaging story, Katy Evans gets you hooked into her story. It’s about Rachel a journalist and Malcolm the supposed manwhore, a very straightlaced hard edge business tycoon. Rachel’s boss has her covering him, trying to get an expose on him for her dying magazine, but you know how the story is going to end right, with Malcolm finding out about her real motive after opening up to and already falling for Rachel and Rachel in huge shit. That’s how manwhore ended and I could only blame Rachel. You know how most damsels in books are, making very silly mistakes.

Manwhore +1 was very good, but I thought it dragged too much you know, I guess Katy was trying to fill up space in the story, but I felt some occurrences were unnecessarily stretched. But wow I love Malcolm, he is perfect honestly. I found no flaw with him at all, it was only Rachel that had my forehead squeezing. This story is about building back trust and strengthening the love that Malcolm and Rachel have for each other

But wow their story was awesome. I found it very endearing and cute, especially how cheesy they were with each other, and I like how there was no fighting over some “girl” or jealousy.

Mind you the Manwhore isn’t actually a manwhore.

These weren’t bad first books to read this year and I’m looking forward to getting Commander in Chief tomorrow when it comes out and devouring it, it’s the next book in the White House series.




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