Hello, it is I you are looking for.


Hope the days in this new year are treating you well? Mine have been somewhat peaceful, but the thought of school is dampening my mood. I have so much work to do and finish so I won’t be so behind. I can really never get anything done at home. So many distractions.

On that cue, this year well the only resolution I have come to agree on that is beneficial for me is to be extremely serious about my education, for I write my final exams in June and present my final year project soon after my exams finish before I become done with university So yes 2017 is looking very bright for me the only problem is I have no idea what to do with myself once I finish school.

never-ending77390-pillowsSo I don’t know who but someone bought a throw pillow from my Society6 store Pink Dust. I got the payment into my PayPal today and I was like what! Cause I already gave up on the store lol, yes I didn’t really advertise it and I abandoned it, so it made me happy that at least one person liked my design enough to buy it.

I’m going to school tomorrow. I have exams this month. I have so much to do this month that the days of the month are too small. I can’t wait for February for I get a short break from school, but since I’ve my final year project to work on, I don’t think I will be going home for long before I return back to school *sigh*

I really want to read and blog more this year and I feel like I will accomplish a lot with blogging and meet much more wonderful people. Especially because from July I would be as jobless—unemployed. I’m just really grateful for last year, in retrospective, it was actually a good year for me.

I’ll be participating in more features and memes I pray this year. Cause I signed up for some already last year, even though I have forgotten about most.

Thank you for reading this!


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