Sorry — Exam Period

Hi, people!

I’m so sorry. I know I haven’t been active on the blogmoshpere at all, and even if I am I don’t have that much time and it is because of yup, my exam is here. I haven’t the time to write book reviews or read that much books, that aren’t concerned with my course of study.

I think from next week, I’ll have more time for blogging, because I only have one paper and it’s my final one, thankful. I’m so sorry I’m not neglecting anyone’s post, I can’t wait to be back and fully immersed with the community again.


9 thoughts on “Sorry — Exam Period

    1. Thankfully, I have. I can’t wait to be done, it’s very strenuous on my mind, constantly worrying I’ve not read enough or feeling like what I have learnt and studied is inside my brain.

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