Miscellaneous Updates: Read this, I need your help. Thank you!

1. My blog is awfully redundant.

I haven’t posted anything but book reviews and life updates .i.e this post and that is going to changing starting from this month. I need to inject my opinions or other books and stuff going on around me you know, give my blog back it’s unique flair and personality. Don’t worry Lara, The Blogger 2.0 is booting and I’ll try not to let you down and bore you to death.  Only help a sister out. I have a bunch of ideas written down to post about, but I could do with more, so please do not hesitate to drop a comment below, instructing, lecturing, informing, entertaining, questioning me on things that will help improve my blog and whatever to write on, no matter how bizarre.

2. My iPhone got stolen today, but fear not I was able to get hold of the thief within 10 minutes of its occurrence.

Thank God for good people in the world, well two little boys and a cab driver. The boys informed me of the theft and the cab driver helped me chase down the young woman and retrieved it, I may not have done anything but I know in future she is going to find herself in a very awful situation similar to this one and the people won’t be as lenient. I’m just so grateful, that I was able to apprehend her, or man I would be such a sad sack of fallen leaves for a long time, my iPhone is my baby, I love the iOS more than android and as good as iBooks is on the Mac, I prefer reading through it on my phone. So despite today, having its sad points…I’m still very much thankful.

3. I’m organising blog posting contents, but manually.

That means I’m making use of my pen and a notebook I’m calling my blogging guide. Can someone please tell me how they feel about my blog layout? I don’t know why I feel like it’s been awful lately, cause it suits me so well.

p.s. That would be all, I’m waiting (impatiently) for the replies of those of you who read this.


11 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Updates: Read this, I need your help. Thank you!

  1. Hi Lara, welcome back! In regards to blog content, I really enjoy it when bloggers make lists of books! Books with a certain theme, or with a certain type of character, it helps me when I’m looking for new reads! As for your layout, I like it the way it is, but maybe put some widgets on the bottom of the page instead of on the side? That’s about all I’ve got, although I like it the way it is! Looking forward to your future content!

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    1. Thank you for being the only one to take the time out to read this smh. 😊 Okay widgets at the bottom page, will work on that asap. I’m taking notes of all the things you’ve said. I’ll work on a list of books soon 💛

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      1. Awh, no prob! Haha, I really do enjoy your blog and the content you were putting out! I was just trying to be a good follower and actually give feedback. I’m glad I said something helpful!

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  2. Hey Lara,
    I like your blog. I’m sure everyone is looking for something different. My preference is on books and opinions. I’m tires of clicking on people’s blogs for excerpts or cover reveals. I never read excerpts and cover reveals seem like a waste of time. I do them on my own blog but I want to stop. I do like some of those outside topics people write about favorite shows, music etc.

    My advice is to write whatever you want. That will be most fulfilling to you.


  3. Hi Lara! Glad you’re feeling better 🙂 Perhaps you might think about using one of those photo layout themes. The books can be the image and then when people click on it, your review is there. Just a thought. I’m not sure how that would work out with your other categories though.

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  4. So take a look at this link: https://theme.wordpress.com/ If you scroll down to Maxwell, Rebalance, or Rowling, then the image is prominent. My suggestion is that if you were to change the theme, the image (of a book, maybe) would be the first thing visitors saw, and then they would click on it and read the review or summary.

    This is just a thought.


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