April Agenda


I love April It’s I and my little sister’s birthday month 🙂 my doggo Benz is also an April baby, oh and also my dad. It’s a special cheerful month, never ever do I feel bad about it. Just everlasting peace lol.

I’m turning 21 on Saturday (8th). Even if I’m not going to be surrounded with friends, I got my mum and everyone at home to celebrate it with. I also get to see Benz, haven’t been home since the 13th of March, so I’m excited to be going home on Thursday.

This month is a fun month anyways, so much fun activities will be going on in school, and even though I don’t want to participate so much, I’m still going to try and participate a lot, it’s my last session in University, after all, got to make the best of it.


I’m so thrilled my baby is turning 2, sweet little Benz is growing up so fast, he’s already a father of six and he has more babies coming. His birthday is on the 28th, and I’m sad I won’t be able to celebrate it with him this year, but we’ve got next year, definitely.


I’m excited about books this month, I plan on reading as much as possible because next month will be super hectic, final year project to complete, other school projects, tests will be thrown in and my exams start. I always will try and write reviews as I read, instead of letting them pile up, except series, especially if completed, I love reviewing them as one, makes it easier. So far so good, I’m making good on my promise to review every book I read this year and it makes me so thrilled, cause I’ve read 42 books now, even though according to Goodreads I’m 8 books behind on achieving my reading goal of 200 books this year. I’ll pull through, eventually lol.

I want to participate in the April A – Z blogging challenge, but I suck at keeping to schedule, but with this post, I’m trying. So I’m guessing I might be very active when it comes to blogging this month, a lot of posts that aren’t book reviews is what I mean lol, hope you don’t mind 🙂

Thank you for reading this! What are your own plans for April, please talk to me, I promise to reply and engage you in a conversation.

p.s. I’m really loving the glow in this picture, Snapchat filters are just bae.




9 thoughts on “April Agenda

      1. I posted my TBR on my blog if you are interested in seeing all of them but a few I really want to get to is Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks(it’s a re read for me), A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness(which I have already finished and loved), The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton(which I am currently reading) to name a few.

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