Seraph, Our Little Angel

What happens, when you give all your heart, soul, life and being to your one and only and right before you it gets thrown back into your face, and all you ever had was tossed away like it never had meant anything at all, your life comes crashing down around you and when you have given up, Hope comes and gives you a second chance at life and everything your heart and soul desires. Would you say no? Continue reading “Seraph, Our Little Angel”

Breaking Up

“Look we gotta talk.” I know she can feel it, what we have isn’t the same as it used to be. I can’t stand the secrets, tension and worrying anymore—I just have to let her know. “Chris…” She starts speaking, her face already a sad mask, she doesn’t want me to do this. We aren’t on the same page. “Damn, I know. I know it’s … Continue reading Breaking Up